The II International Trophy Iberdrola, which was held in the waters of Valencia since last Wednesday October 24 and ended today, closed with the Yacht Club sailor Jávea, Rafa Andarias, in fifth place overall. Andarias has fallen to just three points takes place on the podium, which has been set by the Finnish Niko Salomaa, Czech and Spanish Daniel Bina Paco Llobet.

Andarias has been very regular in the two days of competition, with six races completed, since the former, Thursday Oct. 25, closed blank the total absence of wind. Yesterday the Race Committee, lengthened the time to complete four tests, closing the day with the bronze Andarias provisional, partial highlighting best result a third in the last race of the day.

20121026 Trofeo Iberdrola Rafa Andarias (fondo)

In yesterday’s session, with a west wind that reached 20 knots, tested Andarias Rafa not only, but also the rest of the fleet consists of 22 ships 2.4mR, represented the Netherlands, Italy, Finland and Czech Republic, as well as Spain. The sailor javiense had a very good start, achieving fifth place after Bina stand up to the Czech and Dutch Mischa Rossen, Olympic gold in London 2012 Paralympic Sonar class and first shown at the class. In the second race of the day, he made ​​some tactical errors make the odd mistake and that, in the end, would take its toll. Andarias concluded that second test in discreet twelfth position. But the ‘luck’ was with the javiense, since some of the favorites were not successful.

In the following two tests was less Andarias more. The third could conclude a sixth worked, while some of those who pointed to the podium were not very successful, as Paco Lastra Llobet and Emilio Fernandez, both with OCS. Above the outsiders not failed: Bina partially achieved its first victory in Valencia, while Salomaa finished fifth and Italian Antonio Squizzato second. In the last race of the day, keeping the same wind conditions, although some roles, Andarias achieved a brilliant third.

In today’s session, which came into play and discard, with a wind that has ranged between 8 and 10 knots from the west, the Javea Nautical representative has not been fortunate as an ally, and yet Despite making partial success. In the first test signed sixth place, while in the second, arriving in the same inner basin of the Marina Real Juan Carlos I, in front of the Base Iberdrola, managed a fourth place. In this last section, from the School of Candle FVCV to base, Andarias has seen the triumph eluded him for very little. The game of tacking and markings have been tough taking the upper hand Squizzato Italian, followed by the Dutch and Czech Rossen Bina.


“I leave Valencia pleased with this fifth place, although we missed the day on Thursday, a shame since completed one of the three tests provided, now the results might have been different, but I’m happy with the six tests I played and made ​​possible by the support of my club, the Yacht Fermax Jávea and who have always supported me and I hope to continue doing so next season. ”

“I congratulate Salomaa and Bina title for second place, but my special congratulations goes out to my friend and colleague Paco Llobet, third overall, who deserved a good result in Valencia.”

October 2012


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